On a mission to help #saveadulteducation

Philip-Davies-at-HiveAs you probably know Hive has been supporting the WEA in their plight to campaign against proposed cuts to the Adult education funding.

Last Saturday we held a meeting for the public to ask Philip Davies MP for Shipley questions about the cuts and also to share some of their stories about the impact that adult education has had on their life. I feel it would be a good use of this forum to share with you some of those stories as we were incredibly moved by the impact that Hive and the WEA classes have on you.

I would like to thank everyone that has responded by signing the petition, attending the meeting or taking the time to share their experiences with me.

It would be tragic if others were not able to benefit from everything adult education has to offer. This government purports to believe that educational opportunity is a fundamental requirement for an effective society; surely a cut in funding for adult education would be a retrograde step.

I think any adult who wants the opportunity to study further and gain confidence, maybe to then find employment, should consider further education. Without it, I wouldn’t have got here.

As a direct result of the adult education stained glass class and the teacher’s skills and  enthusiasm for his subject, I am now involved with a group of Church Recorders recording the windows (a copy of the record goes to the national archive at the V&A) and working as a volunteer to help make accessible on line, a collection of designs for stained glass windows which came to Leeds museum following the closure of a local firm in the 70’s. So while giving me personally a great deal of pleasure, the WEA classes have led me on to areas which are, hopefully of benefit to others in the local community too, in a way that could not have been foreseen. I feel really strongly that the WEA and organisations like Hive have a contribution to make to the welfare of individuals and their communities in ways that can’t just be counted and costed.

If you would like to share your story with me about the impact of adult education on your life please email me at emma@hivebradford.org.uk

TessaGoodbye and good luck to Tessa

Tessa comes to the end of her administrator role here at Hive this week.

Luckily for us she will continue to support Hive in a volunteer capacity. Thanks for all her hard work at Hive.


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