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Hello again, we are having such a fantastic half term week at Hive. We recently were funded £5000 from Virtual College to provide projects for children and young people. We have developed a Robotics course that has taken place this week and it has been fantastic to have so many young people engaging with creativity. We have also had a new student here on placement and welcome her as our very first Guest Blogger.

I hope you have had a great week and look forward to classes re-starting next week…

Hannah Sykes

Open Door Series :: Hannah Sykes

I started my college work placement at Hive this week, and within an hour of being here I could already see what an amazing place it was. I am currently at the beginning of my second year at college studying health studies. Hive fits in well with this course as it shows me how vitally important art and crafts are to having a positive well being and also gives me the chance to get to know a wide range of people who have all welcomed me (with open arms.)

When I first arrived I was warmly welcomed and have since learnt about so many of the users experiences here and how Hive has improved their lives.My role here over the week has been to not only learn about Hive, but also get involved as much as possible in activities to learn about how varied Hives’ courses are.

So what can I tell you about myself? I am 20 years of age with a son who is almost six months old (most gorgeous baby EVER!,) My partner and I love taking him outside so he can interact with the environment and open his senses to new things. As I’ve said I’m currently at college on my journey to become a midwife so that I can help women through the most difficult and pleasurable moment of their lives and being at Hive has enabled me to interact with different people like I would be in that career!

I have absolutely loved working at Hive as it is a welcoming, creative place that has it’s doors open to anyone and everyone. I would recommend that people I know (and you reading) this to volunteer as it is such a satisfying experience!

Robotics course photographs, funded by Virtual College

Young people from Bradford took part in an amazing Robotics course at Hive this week. They spent 3 days learning, designing and building robots of different kinds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a great week, until next time


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